For & On Behalf Management (EPCM, EPCM+®)


The key features of the EPCM contractual set-up (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) is that De Smet Engineers & Contractors works "for account and order" of the investor. DSEC's commitment are limited to the services rendered, providing nevertheless clients with fully reliable assistance throughout the execution of his project. Although the EPCM provides high flexibility for the investor, latter must however rely on his own capabilities to cover risks related to the investment time schedule, performances and budget.

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Aware of the problems inherent to EPC and EPCM contractual alternatives, De Smet Engineers & Contractors is offering the best possible compromise that meets full transparency and flexibility as required by investors while providing the necessary guarantees in term of deadlines, technical performances and budget.

This scheme is called EPCM+® as it offers the security of an EPC combined with the flexibility of an EPCM, having DSEC working "For & On Behalf" of the investor as for a classic EPCM contract, but providing in addition guarantees possibly similar to the EPC set-up:

- Ensuring technical performance of the plant through a clause of “make good”;

- Delivering the project within the approved budget;

- Respecting the overall project time schedule.

The EPCM+® is a flexible solution that gives to the investor a wide choice of selection of equipment within the approved budget and quality standards. Unlike the EPC model, modifications can be made to the project specifications without lengthy change order procedures.


Both, the EPCM and EPCM+® contracts can be applied for the construction of industrial plants in any of the main Sectors of Activities where DSEC offers its services like the following:

To adapt to the needs of every client, in addition to EPCM Construction DSEC offers different contractual alternatives: