The Production of Mixed Fermentation Substrates – Cane and Corn

The Advanced Dry Milling with Solid Separation system (ADMiSS®) has been developed by DSEC to produce fermentable grade sugar, the starting material for most "white biotechnology" processes aiming to produce ethanol, organic acids, amino acids, yeast... amongst others.

It uses industrial scale proven technologies and is based on dry milling of corn with separation of mote, bran and germ fractions at milling stage. Gluten fraction is then separated from sweet mash after saccharification. The sugar solution obtained is comparable to sugar cane juice and allows similar recipes and downstream processing opportunities as with sugar cane juice or dextrose solution.


Compared to other corn milling technologies, advantages of this set-up lie in the lower investment cost, cheaper and simpler operation, lesser by-product streams while producing solid free final glucose syrup that can also be mixed with other sugar juice at fermentation step.

This ADMiSS® process may be implemented as an add-on to existing flex cane sugar and ethanol plants, taking advantage of existing equipment without modification so as to increase the plant annual productivity.
Alternatively, it can be installed as the upstream part of new white biotech facilities in order to diversify feedstock sources and optimize the raw material glucose-equivalent cost.