CRUZ ALTA Sugar Plant, Brazil

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Cane diffuser installation for the expansion of the Cruz Alta Sugar Factory in São Paulo State, Brazil

Olimpia - SP - Brazil
Scope of works
Supply of cane diffuser engineering and equipment
Industrial operation
Main sub-contractors involved
De Smet do Brasil
Plant capacity
12,000 MTPD of cane

Processing units
  • Diffuser cane feed conveyor
  • Complete cane diffusion plant of the De Smet TN 115C type
Main features
Plant processing capacity :
  • Nominal : 12,000 MTPD of cane
  • Designed for : 15,000 MTPD of cane
Principal overall dimensions
  • Length : 67.0 meters
  • Width : 12.8 meters
  • Height : 11.3 meters
Diffuser drive type
  • Hydraulic direct-chain-traction type