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Construction of a turnkey full-pressing mill to process rapeseed on the East coast of Scotland

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SEED CRUSHERS (SCOTLAND) Ltd Arbroath – Scotland.

General contractor

De Smet Engineers & Contractors

Scope of works

Design, supply, construction, Installation and commissioning.

Industrial operation


De Smet Companies involved

De Smet Rosedowns

Plant capacity

240 MTPD of rapeseed.

Processing units
  • Seed storage silos
  • Heating and flaking unit
  • Conditioning unit
  • Double pressing unit
  • Oil screening, decanting and degumming units
  • Oil storage tanks, cake storage and truck loadings.
  • Boiler plant and steam distribution
  • Compressed air unit
  • Water cooling unit and
  • Water distribution
  • Electrical transformers and electrical distribution unit
  • Truck weighing bridge