Reliability through experience

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De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) will participate on the Bio Market Insights webinar on Wednesday October 21st 2020 with Wolfgang Ranfft and Raphaël Hannoir as presenting Speakers, and Manuela Falempin, Craig Johnston and Muriel Dewilde as guest speakers.

The subject:  Bio refineries: ensuring successful process scale-up and CAPEX reliability

For those making investment decisions with biorefinery projects, they are typically presented with scale-up complexity on one side and investment risks on the other. As a result,the decision to proceed with the project (or not) relies on a complex mix of engineering and project execution competences: process implementation, energy and utilities overall integration, CAPEX estimate using adequate standards, risks assessment and site construction strategy.

In this results and case study focused webinar led by DSEC, and with contributions from 3FBIO, METEX and Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP) a team of international experts present on and discuss the approach necessary to bring confidence to all stakeholders involved in process scale-up projects.