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Join us at the 8th ESST-VDZ-Conference & Exhibition in Vienna, Austria the 5 to 8 May 2024.
De Smet engineers & Contractors (DSEC) participates presenting the services and solutions for the construction, implementation and optimization of Sugar and Sugar derivatives factories.

DSEC exposes their services related to Sugar and Sugar derivatives industry where Jean Pierre Laurent – Technical Director, Pierre Noel – Business Development Manager, Marc Vandemoortele – Sugar Technologist and Vincent Couplet – Process Engineer are available to meet you and answer your needs.

We also participate in the ESST conferences, where Adrien Couplet  presented our latest innovations on “Efficient Crystallization: Paving the Way to 100% Electrification in Crystallization” as part of the “Challenges in decarbonization of sugar production” sessions and supported by Sébastien Schellen (Vice-President Decarbonization and Sustainability) and Vincent Couplet (Senior Process & Energy Expert).  This presentation took place the 06 may over 17h35.

  • Efficient crystallization: Paving the way to 100% electrification in crystallization

    17h35 – May 6, 2024

    Session Authors:

    Sébastien Schellen (Vice-President Decarbonization and Sustainability)
    Vincent Couplet (Senior Process & Energy Expert)
    Adrien Couplet (Process Engineer)

    Session Summary:

    Just like all industrial sectors, the sugar beet industry is facing ambitious decarbonization goals to meet the Paris Climate Agreement’s commitments. By using low-temperature heat, the agro-food industry has in hand all the technological building blocks required to swiftly achieve a sustainable future. Having presented our vision for a low-carbon sugar refinery at ESST 2021, we aimed this year to focus on the heart of the sugar production process: the crystallization.

    More than ever, De Smet Engineers & Contractors is convinced that decarbonizing sugar production hinges on energy efficiency and electrification. In this presentation, we will first address the definition or the design of an efficient crystallization station or Sugar Boiling Station, subsequently demonstrating that this technological improvement provides opportunities for complete electrification of such process unit with highly favorable performance figures. This electrification makes it possible to leverage readily available and cost-effective renewable electricity during the spring for a potential syrup campaign meaning that the boiling station sizing and CAPEX can be reduced (not the whole amount of sugar is crystallized during campaign)

    With a substantial amount of waste heat available and a performance coefficient associated with electrification even better than evaporation due to lower temperature requirements, the enhancement of the crystallization Station is one of the areas within the sugar beet factory that deserves the most attention and investment. Through annual audits of numerous European sugar refineries, De Smet Engineers & Contractors recognizes the need to accelerate this energy transition towards an efficient, electrified, and decarbonized sugar refinery.

    Sugar beet industry, decarbonization, sustainable future, low-carbon sugar refinery, crystallization, electrification, energy efficiency, renewable electricity, waste heat, energy transition.

“Challenges in decarbonization of sugar production” sessions – 17h35 – May 6, 2024
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The main themes of this year’s conference are:

  • Climate change and beet availability and quality
  • Challenges in decarbonization of sugar production
  • Digitization of sugar production
  • Sugar technology knowledge transfer to new generations – challenges and good practices
  • General Sugar Technology and Sugar Quality Assurance

It is a great opportunity to meet the companies and some important players of the sugar sector including the exhibition of some of the main services providers.

We will welcome you on Stand 1:

Adrien Couplet is a Process engineer at De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC)
He is responsible for the development of projects and technologies related to Sugar plants, refineries, and sugar derivatives.


De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) support the development of companies active as bio-refineries at different technology readiness levels.

Thanks to our agro- and bio-industrial experience, we help them to de-risk their investment decision (FEL1/2/3) or project execution (EPCM/EP+CM/EPC).

In any step, DSEC integrates their process or the technology from a licensor in the overall design in order to deliver a plant allowing them to demonstrate their performances.