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Turnkey construction (EPC) - complete or partial

Whether it’s a full or partial turnkey construction contract, De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) can help you with your cane sugar factory EPC construction project.

Partial turnkey contract (partial EPC)

Under a “partial turnkey” construction contract, the investor has the option of procuring certain specific equipment and services which it considers more financially advantageous and which present a controllable level of risk for it.

DSEC can nevertheless retain overall management of the project and provide engineering, documentation and advice on all activities undertaken by the investor.

Full turnkey construction contract (EPC)

The “complete turnkey” contract (EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction) offers a guarantee of efficiency in the completion of the turnkey construction project, while requiring minimal involvement from the investor.

It represents an Obligation of Result for DSEC. Overall responsibility for the project rests with DSEC and the investor is not exposed to the risks associated with EPC project contracts with suppliers of equipment and on-site services.

The centralised control of the entire facility design and project management specific to an EPC promotes consistency of design as well as equipment and material selections in general.

Contractual approach to an EPC project

As a general contractor, De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) is able to work with different contractual configurations to meet customers’ needs. Its contractual approach is characterised by its flexibility and adaptability to specific contexts, from design studies and reimbursable contracts to full turnkey construction (EPC), or alternatives such as partial EPC, EPCM, EP+CM or EPCM+®.

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