Reliability through experience

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More than ever, a new investment needs to be carefully evaluated at the technical and financial level so that its feasibility can be reliably assessed. Although this applies to any project, it is peculiarly true for first of its kind units or processes where references and benchmarks are currently unavailable on the market.

Large organisations as well as smaller companies or startups have today integrated this scrutiny into a rigorous process during which the future project will have to pass through successive decision gates before being possibly implemented.

DSEC can provide its customers with the full range of pre-project services ranging from

  • Audits of an existing unit to be improved / revamped.
  • FEL1 / Feasibility Study, generally leading to a CAPEX estimate of +/- 30-35%
  • FEL2 / Basic Design, generally leading to a CAPEX estimate of +/- 15-20%
  • FEL3 / FEED, generally leading to a CAPEX estimate of +/- 10%

DSEC is performing above assignments on a regular basis with a view of starting projects implementation phase on sound basis with realistic performance, budget, and timing objectives.


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