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Sugar diffusion with De Smet Diffuser

De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) is a well-known sugar diffusion expert. In addition, DSEC is the owner of the De Smet Diffuser design that was developed as an application of the edible oil continuous counter-current extractor invented by Mr. Jean-Albert De Smet.

The De Smet Diffuser has been successfully used for beet diffusion and pre-scalding and remains one of the most efficient diffuser for sugar extraction in today’s cane industry. It is up to now the diffuser having by far the largest number of references.

The De Smet Diffuser has also proved to be capable of processing alternatively both beet and cane in areas where tropical beet can be cultivated in order to extend the plant operation after the cane campaign.

When compared to mills tandem, sugar diffusion with De Smet Diffuser presents many advantages amongst which:

  • Better extraction yield (usually 1% higher than mills),
  • Performances kept throughout the campaign (no mechanical wear and tear influencing the extraction yield),
  • Improved juice quality with consequent reduction of losses at filtration stage,
  • Slow motion equipment,
  • Perfect counter-current operation,
  • Reduced energy consumption,
  • Reduced maintenance cost,
  • Ease of operation and maintenance.

Except for some key components, the De Smet Diffuser is generally manufactured locally so that transport costs and import duties can be considerably reduced while providing activity to local workshops.


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