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Project services

As a General Contractor, De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) is capable to work with different Contractual Setups in order to meet client’s needs.

Its contractual approach is characterised by its flexibility and adaptability to specific contexts.

Engineering & technical assistance pre-engineering (FEED)

DSEC performs studies and audits related to agro-industrial plants implementation, restructuring and energy efficiency improvement ranging from simple advice to fully detailed studies.

DSEC also provides investors with Conceptual Engineering, Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and project cost estimates that are the key to projects viability analysis. DSEC’s technical opinions and budgeting services are recognized by project lenders and Export Credit Agencies as a reliable tool for their own analysis of a potential investment.

Project management (EPCM)

The key features of the EPCM project setup (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) is that DSEC works “for and on-behalf” of the investor. DSEC’s commitment is therefore an obligation of means, providing clients with fully reliable assistance throughout the execution of his project.
DSEC is nevertheless capable of taking on board some liabilities on performances, budget and time schedule under certain conditions so that the construction risk can be considerably mitigated.

Semi turnkey construction (Partial EPC)

The Semi Turnkey setup is a Partial EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) configuration whereby the investor can possibly procure directly some specific supplies and construction services if it is felt by him to be more cost effective and presenting a level of risk that he can control.

DSEC can nevertheless retain the overall assignment management and provide engineering, documentation and advisory services for all activities undertaken by the investor.

Full Turnkey construction (EPC)

The full turnkey construction setup also referred to as EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) offers full guarantee of efficiency in the project implementation with minimal intervention from the investor’s side. It represents for DSEC an Obligation of Result.

Responsibility is centralised in DSEC’s hands and does not expose investors to risk inherent to contracts with equipment suppliers and site construction services providers.

The single point of control over for the total plant design and project management provided by the EPC contract greatly favours the homogeneity of the plant concept as well as of equipment and materials in general.