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Factory modelling with a View of Improving Energy Efficiency and Predicting Sugar Colour

DSEC presents an innovative predictive model for the optimization of complete sugar processes that has been validated in beets and cane sugar factories as well as in raw sugar refineries. The model proposes a unique follow-up of the sugar colour and purity throughout the process based on physical equations as opposed to arbitrary ratios.

It provides therefore more accurate performance predictions in terms of product quality and utilities consumption. It allows an in-depth audit of existing factories so as to identify possible process bottlenecks as well as potential energy efficiency increases.

One of the major interests of this model based on Matlab / Simulink® is its capability to simulate the complete plant in one integrated calculation tool considering also the cogeneration and plant utilities.

Thanks to its friendly presentation similar to a process flow diagram the model gives an easy overview on all streams’ physical data and provides the basis of design for all key equipments. By simulating different technological solutions, DSEC is able to propose


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