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Alternative Fuels Carbon Dioxide (CO2) capture and utilization

Once energy efficiency measures and all other fuel switches into renewable fuels have been optimized, the third pillar of our strategy covers the use of Alternative fuels.

This decarbonisation lever is not yet fully mature on industrial scale and is still prospective at this stage.  De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) keeps an active watch on the market and is willing to be an active player in supporting the transition to Alternative fuels.

Alternative fuels refer to fuels that are substitutes to fossil fuels; this category includes among others:

  • bio-alcohol,
  • bio methane,
  • bio propane,
  • vegetable and waste-derived oils,
  • fuel cells and hydrogen.

Processes such as gasification, using waste streams from the food, agricultural sector or others are continuously developing, providing new opportunities for producing Hydrogen and other Alternative fuels to replace fossil fuels.

Among the fuels of the future, hydrogen will undoubtedly play a central role as a dihydrogen molecule or recombined with carbon to form methane. Possible examples are ranging from CO2 capture from lime kilns, fermentation steps or gasification processes that is recombined with hydrogen or liquefied.

DSEC is the ideal partner for scaling up processes from start-up investors or international key players thanks to a solid experience in project execution.

New technologies ask for new thinking and new collaborations. DSEC has an extensive network of clients, technology providers, equipment suppliers and can help future clients to set up new collaborations.

Thanks to its deep knowledge of all unitary operations, DSEC is a process integrator able to support the scale up of technologies.  DSEC can develop Alternative fuel processes from Pilot to Demonstration and Industrial Plants by designing and implementing the new facility with all related process auxiliaries and utilities (Balance of Plant – BoP), as well as civil works, steel structures, installation works, start-up and commissioning activities, including training of the client’s personnel.


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