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Energy Efficiency Sustainability Decarbonization

Leading the energy transition of industry towards a sustainable future

Built on many years of experience, De Smet Engineers & Contractors has a compelling business offering that combines excellence in execution, safety, cost containment, and reliability with a particular focus on energy-saving initiatives and sustainability. Today, as the world is facing climate change consequences, decarbonization becomes a key element of the energy transition. All the sectors of activities must urgently curb their greenhouse gases emissions (GHG) in order to reduce their carbon footprint and keep our climate on the pathway defined by the Paris Agreement. Industry, as a significant GHG emitter, has to do its part. De Smet Engineers & Contractors is building together with its client’s profitable investment projects based on CO2 roadmaps to meet the sustainable goals. .

Energy Efficiency
& Sustainability

Our priorities to reduce carbon footprint of the factories fits with those defined by International Agencies such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDG) from the United Nations.

  • Energy Efficiency measures must be the absolute priority as the most sustainable energy is the energy you don’t use.
  • Fuel switch towards renewable energy is our second priority. We aim to stop burning fossil fuels and converting the energy production to a low carbon alternative (biomass, green hydrogen, wind, solar, …) Electrification is part of this energy switch as some efficient technologies have been already widely marketed.
  • Finally, alternative fuels produced from carbon capture & utilization is an option but todays seems a long-term alternative which would supply high-temperature processes first.

Our engineers are highly motivated by these improvement projects, which make sense for our common future:

  • We are keen on exporting the know-how of our energy & process specialists worldwide. Indeed, as we all know, carbon dioxide is not stopped at the borders! So any emissions reduction possible will benefit anyone and everywhere ! The industry is facing colossal challenges in terms of energy reductions in the near future. We are ready to support our clients through this sustainability transition
  • We are committed to provide realistic and viable solutions which will improve and optimize the process lines in order to reach industrial excellence.
  • Our goal is to improve the efficiency of plants by increasing the yields of their production and decreasing their energy consumption. When designing and building plants, we always drive projects in a way that targets low levels of intake of water, chemicals and energy.
  • We aim to bring everyone, whatever his/her position in the organizations, in this major shift for the industries. Listening to the concerns and the needs coming from the people who daily run the factory help us to achieve our challenging goals. Collective intelligence is the key !

Thanks to its knowledge, skills, and academic training to operate complex and energy efficient plants, DSEC is leading the energy transition of industry towards a sustainable future.


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