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Plant-based Protein Concentrate & Isolates

In response to new trend for plant-based source of protein for both FEED and FOOD sectors, DSEC can provide the integration of oilseeds protein production facilities such as:

  • Seeds & Grain dehulling
  • Production of oilseeds Hi Pro meal (soybean, rapeseeds, sunflower)
  • Production of defatted white flakes
  • EtOH/Water extraction of defatted white flakes
  • Plant Based protein Concentrates
  • Soy Molasses concentration
  • Plant Based protein Isolates
  • Production of Amino Acids and Proteins by fermentation
  • Single cell protein production (algae, fungi, bacteria)
  • High protein wet milling by-products (such as vital wheat gluten, corn gluten meal)
  • DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles)

Thanks to its deep knowledge of all unitary operations related to oilseeds, De Smet Engineers & Contractors is the ideal partner for assisting investors in developing and implementing plants to manufacture plant-based protein concentrates or isolates for the human food, animal feed and fish food protein industries.

DSEC can assist its customers in addressing rapidly changing market concerns in terms of nutrition and health as well as the increasing demand for environmentally friendly meat replacements.

Key projects - Vegetable oil and feed