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Jan Tytgat will be representing De Smet AGRO (DSAG) at the IFS Conference 2022 the 07 – 09 December 2022 in Cambridge, UK

This event will be an opportunity to present our know-how of acidic Cooling towers used in the phosphoric acid installations.

Presentation introduction:

Cooling towers and cooling water distribution in phosphoric acid plants

Wet process phosphoric acid plants reliable cooling water facilities.

Due to the acidic nature of the cooling water, containing traces of fluoride, special precautions need to be taken while selecting the type and material of cooling towers, cooling water piping and cooling water pumps.

IFS stands for The International Fertiliser Society; The IFS technical and agronomic conferences are world class events for professional individuals who have an interest in any aspect of fertiliser production, entertaining and use.

The International Fertiliser Society

Jan Tytgat is Process engineering Manager at De Smet Agro (DSAG)
Division in charge of Agro-Nutrients projects development in the fields of Fertilizer base chemicals and Downstream fertilizers.