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EPCM Adaptation of the phosphoric acid plant into a phosphate slurry feed of MP3 & MP4 Plant.


OCP SA (Office Chérifien des Phosphates)
Jorf Lasfar – Morocco

Scope of works

Engineering and Construction Management

General contractor

De Smet Agro

Technology provider

Prayon Technologies (PRT)

Industrial operation


Processing units
  • Modification of the attack reactors
  • Addition of a flash cooler
  • Addition of digestion tank
  • Replacement of filters with tilting pan filters from Profile (Prayon)
  • Revamping of the gas treatment unit
  • MAP Packaging
  • Water cooling system
  • NH3 storage, and distribution
  • Raw materials storages
  • Electricity distribution including substation
  • Utilities distribution

De Smet AGRO was awarded an EPCM services contract for adaptation of the Jorf Lasfar complex phosphoric acid plants to receive phosphate slurry feed. The eight production lines  was adapted and production upgraded to stabilize the overall production of Jorf Lasfar MP3 and MP4 at 5,400 Mtpd P2O5 (1,720,000 tpa P2O5) including implementation in the process scheme of the key feature of Prayon Mark IV technology (new reactors, new agitators, and new flash coolers).

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