Biomass to energy via cogeneration 

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DSEC is your trusted partner for the construction of your biomass energy plants. Biomass to energy via cogeneration is a sustainable power source, its valorisation can be done trough many different processes. The choice for the suitable technology depends on its various characteristics (moisture, size, ashes melting point, chlorine content, ashes content, ...). Several applications can be developed, from heat production to power generation or even combined heat and power plant. Through its numerous references in biomass valorization, DSEC is able to provide the right expertise to the customer.

De Smet Engineers & Contractors is an actor into the green heat and electricity field, developing realizations from concept to start-up. Thanks to our wide turnkey experience, we may give warranties on the schedule, the investment and the performances.

Developed biomass energy via cogeneration projects concern pellet production, biomethanisation, wood chips gasification, straw combustion, sunflower husks, bagasse and other agricultural residues valorization for direct steam production or electricity production with back pressure or condensing turbine.

De Smet Engineers and Contractors offers you turnkey solutions fitting with your specific needs, that can start with Conceptual Engineering and FEED studies and finally evolve into a Full EPC biomass energy plant project

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