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Supply of crushing, refining and fat modification equipment


JSC EFKO -Alekseevska – Russia

General contractor

De Smet Engineers & Contractors

Scope of works

Design, supply, supervision of Installation and commissioning

Industrial operation

Extraction: 1997
Refining: 1999
Fractionation: 2002

Main sub-contractors involved

De Smet Technologies & Services – Belgium

Plant capacity

Crushing: 300 MTPD
Refining: 230 MTPD
Fats refining / Fractionation / Hydrogenation / Interesterification: 100 MTPD

Processing units
  • Oil refining plant complete with physical /chemical refinery unit,
  • Bleaching unit, winterising unit and deodorising unit
  • Hydrogenation & post treatment unit
  • Interesterification unit
  • Deodorizing unit
  • Double dry fractionation unit
  • Tank farms
  • Hydrogen production unit
  • Nitrogen production unit
  • Laboratory pilot unit
  • Tank farms

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