ACABIO Bioethanol Plant, Villa Maria, Argentina

ACA asociacion de cooperativas argentinas ACABIO

Turn-key supply of a complete corn based bioethanol production plant with cogeneration

ACABIO Coop. Lta
Asociación de Cooperativas Argentinas (ACA)
Buenos Aires - Argentina
General contractor:
De Smet Engineers & Contractors
Technology provider:
ICM, Inc. for ethanol process
De Smet Engineers & Contractors for balance of the plant
Scope of works:
Turn-key construction of a complete corn based bioethanol production plant under a License Agreement from ICM, Inc
Industrial operation:
Plant capacity:
150,000 m³ per year of bioethanol

Processing units
  • Corn and grain sorghum milling
  • Mash preparation, liquefaction, saccharification
  • Mash fermentation
  • Alcohol distillation
  • Alcohol dehydration
  • Stillage separation
  • Stillage concentration
  • DDGS drying
  • Power plant with cogeneration
  • Water cooling
  • Compressed air production
  • Raw water treatment plant
  • Fire fighting system
  • Chemicals and enzymes storage
  • Ethanol storage
  • DDGS and WDGS storage
  • Laboratory
  • Control room
  • Administration
  • Social facilities building

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