Biodiesel production EPC

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DSEC has been active in biodiesel production EPC as an alternative for the production of biofuels. Our company favors biodiesel production because it's a biodegradable, non-toxic, produced from renewable resources (vegetable oils, recycled or fatty frying oils animal) and that contains no petroleum product but which can be used to replace petroleum diesel in diesel engines. It can be used pure 100% (B100) as fuel replacement but it is used more often mixed with petrodiesel in concentrations of 2% (B2), 5% (B5) and 10% (B10). Unlike some other biofuels, it requires no modification or adjustment, either at the level of the engine, components of the system of power or fuel storage system.

De Smet Engineers & Contractors was able to extend its activities from Edible Oils & Fats to the biodiesel plants construction as a logical evolution for Vegetable Oils processing, offering the same quality and dedication with a range of services starting with Engineering & technical assistance (FEED) to full turnkey projects (EPC) or EPCM commitments.

To learn more about biodiesel production take a look at the following process descriptions: