Biochemical Production Plants

Biochemical Production plants

Thanks to its deep knowledge of all unitary operations related to edible oilsugar and sugar fermentation processes, De Smet Engineers & Contractors is the ideal partner for assisting investors in developing and implementing biochemical production plants and bio-commodities production facilities. DSEC has already successfully built for international key players a betain and several inulin plants based on their proprietary knowhow. Moreover, DSEC’s experience in implementing cogeneration units built along with facilities for the production of fermentable grade sugar (derived from sugar beet, cane and grains) allows the company to fine-tune the overall process set-up in order to achieve ideal conditions with regard to material and energy flows.

Notable examples of bio-based chemicals include non food starch, cellulose fibers and cellulose derivatives, tall oils, fatty acids and fermentation products such as ethanol and citric acid for which. DSEC is fully qualified to provide the facility that will efficiently generate the required feedstock on an industrial scale.  

From a technical point of view, almost all industrial materials respectively their building blocks made from fossil resources can be substituted by their bio-based counterparts:

• C2 building blocks:   ethanol, acetic acid

• C3 building blocks:   lactic acid, 3-hydroxypropanoic acid, glycerol

• C4 building blocks: fumaric acid, succinic acid, butyric acid, 1-butanol

• C5 building blocks: itaconic acid, furfural

• C6 building blocks: citric acid, glucaric acid, 5-HMF, adipic acid

As an example, the usage of a typical C4 building block opens the way to a wide range of products:


As for its other activities, DSEC is able to execute Biochemical production plants under the form of full EPC contracts, being familiar with all aspects of the project's implementation. DSEC not only is capable of developing the investor’s proprietary technologies but also all related process auxiliaries, civil works, steel structures, installation works, start-up and commissioning activities, including training of the client's personnel. DSEC’s project design and construction management gives paramount importance to the respect of health and safety and environment norms as well as to technical efficiency and ease of operation. The monitoring of project cost, time schedule and technical performances is the essence of any EPCM or EPC commitment.

As far as detailed design is concerned, DSEC uses a powerful 3D drawing and construction management tool (SmartPlan®) that dramatically improves material purchasing activity and site installation efficiency through a high level of prefabrication works.

DSEC’s independence from equipment suppliers allows selecting the best possible technical solutions with a view of optimizing performances, energy recovery, maintenance and cost to the benefit of any project.

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