Cane Sugar Factory

Cane sugar is produced by means of technologies rather similar to those used in a beet sugar plant that are also fully mastered by DSEC.

Sugar cane is however a totally different plant compared to sugar beet: whereas sugar beet is sowed and can be harvested after +/- 6 months, cane takes longer to grow but grows back after it has been cut and can therefore be harvested several consecutive years (4 to 6) before being replanted. Cane can be cut either manually or mechanically before being directly processed in the mill. Cane plantation location in relation of the plant is of paramount importance so as to reduce sugar losses by the degradation of the plant after cutting as well as to minimize logistic costs.

DSEC will select the most appropriate methodology for extracting the juice from the cane after its first shredding. The extraction operation will be performed using mill tandem or cane diffusion while additional mills will press the residual solid (bagasse) in order to increase its fiber content while additional mills will press the residual solid (bagasse) in order to increase its fiber content. Pressed bagasse will be used as fuel for the plant combined heat and power generation that will generally export electricity on the public grid. The choice between mill tandem and diffuser will be highly dependent on plant capacity, cane characteristics, expected extraction performances and plant general concept.

cane sugar factory

As for beet sugar plants, DSEC has a perfect knowledge of these operations as well as of subsequent technologies for cane sugar production, i.e. purification, evaporation, crystallization, etc… The design of all auxiliary equipment and facilities that are inherent to any industrial facility is fully mastered by DSEC.

As naturally produced sugar in a cane mill still contains some impurities and has a particular coloration, it needs to be refined. The refining operation can be designed by DSEC so that the mill itself will produce refined sugar or as a stand-alone refinery fed with raw sugar and located close to the consumer market.

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