Sugar refinery EPC construction 

DSEC has dedicated special attention to the design of sugar refinery EPC construction with particular emphasis on energetic efficiency and white sugar quality. 

A considerable portion of the sugar market is located in areas where neither beet nor cane can be cultivated. Such markets can be fed by large bulk ships with raw cane sugar that needs to be further refined before being commercialized. 

As the quality of the raw sugar available on the international market varies considerably depending on its origin, DSEC has developed alternative concepts to adapt the refinery design to the feedstock to be processed.

The selected alternative for a refined sugar production will be defined after contemplating the necessity of a raw sugar affination (washing) step before the mandatory re-melting operation. Different purification or possibly decoloration technologies will also be analyzed by DSEC so as to optimize capital expenditures in function of feedstock and finished products as well as of the local environment.

sugar refineries

As opposed to a beet sugar plant that will include 3 stages of crystallization, DSEC will design the syrup crystallization with 7 or 8 stages (crystallization strikes) in order to obtain white sugar in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

DSEC will also define and design the sugar drying and packaging facilities as well as all ancillary units as in any industrial facility. Particular attention will be given to energy and water savings and environment protection in general.

Our company offers different contractual alternatives to reach every client's need for sugar refinery EPC construction